Club Championship

Club Championship – Round 2 Draw – Mon 7 Feb

January’s first round concluded with six decisive games.

l-r: Harvey, Rhys & Julien are among the round one winners.


Govanhill’s first ever Club Championship is underway, with 14 players competing in a five-round Swiss tournament at the classical time control.

All round one matches were played on the week beginning 17 January 2022. The results, standings and draw for round two follows.

Round 1 Results

  1. Jass McNeill 0 – 1 Alex Radevic
  2. Harvey Dellanzo 1 – 0 Jonny Stark
  3. Libor Masar 0 – 1 Julien Papillon
  4. Derek Rankine 1 – 0 Niall McCamley
  5. Rhys McCrosson 1 – 0 Graeme McKinnon
  6. Aidan Doye 1 – 0 Peter Mark

The results have also been published by Chess Scotland.

Standings After Round 1

1Alex Radevic11359
2Harvey Dellanzo11338
3Julien Papillon11202
4Derek Rankine10
5Rhys McCrosson10
6Aidan Doye10
7Jass McNeill00
8Jonny Stark00
9Libor Masar00
10Niall McCamley00
11Graeme McKinnon00
12Peter Mark00
13James Higgins00
14Ethan Small00

Round 2 Draw

Designated date: Monday 7 February 2022, 6:45pm.

  1. Alex Radevic (white) vs Derek Rankine (black)
  2. Rhys McCrosson vs Harvey Dellanzo
  3. Julien Papillon vs Aidan Doye
  4. Niall McCamley vs Jass McNeill
  5. Jonny Stark vs Graeme McKinnon
  6. Peter Mark vs Libor Masar
  7. James Higgins vs Ethan Small

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