Beltrami Club Championship

How it works

The Beltrami Club Championship – supported by our sponsor, Beltrami & Co Solicitors – is a tournament for all Queens Park Chess Club members.

This competition is for everyone, whether you’re new to chess tournaments or you have your eye on the championship trophy.

The 2022/23 tournament consists of 5 rounds between November and May. We are using Swiss pairings. This means that after Round 1, players are paired based on their scores, i.e. a player with 0.5 plays against someone else with 0.5. Players have 60 minutes each to make all of their moves.

We will submit the results to Chess Scotland, which will help players looking to gain an official CS rating.

If there is a tie after 5 rounds, the winner will be decided by a tiebreak using the Sonneborn-Berger score.

Matches start at 6.45pm at The Bungo on each date. However, if one player cannot make the arranged date, they can contact the Club Secretary (or any member of the Committee in person) and reschedule. Note: if players do not notify the Committee or their opponent in advance and do not appear on the day, their opponent will claim a default win.

If you’d like to join the Beltrami Club Championship, simply opt in when you become a member of the Club.

Pairings and results

Round 1 results

Round 2 results

Round 3 results

Round 4 results

Round 5 results


Chess Scotland gradings


2022/23: Rhys McCrosson

2021/22: Rhys McCrosson