Club Championship

How It Works

The Club Championship is a tournament for all Queens Park Chess Club members. If you’d like to join the Club Championship, opt in when you become a member of the Club.

The 2023/24 tournament consists of 6 rounds over the season. Players can join the tournament until Round 3.

We are using Swiss pairings. This means that after Round 1, players are paired based on their scores i.e. a player with 1 plays against someone else with 1.

The time control is 60+5. This means that each player starts with 60 minutes to make their moves, and they receive an additional 5 seconds for each move they make.

If there is a tie for first place after 6 rounds, the winner will be decided by a tiebreak using Chess Scotland’s Tournament Performance Rating (TPR). Tournament Performance Rating is the rating you would have received if you were an ungraded player in the event, so it does not disadvantage either graded or ungraded players.

This event is graded by Chess Scotland.

Arranging Matches

There is a set Club night for each match so players can complete their games in silence. Matches start at 7pm at The Bungo on each date.

If one or both players cannot make the arranged date, they must contact their opponent to reschedule. Most players can use the Club WhatsApp; if a player has not given permission for their contact details to be shared, this rescheduling can be done in person or through the Committee.

Members can play their matches up to one week before or after the set Club night (see below for full dates).

Members can arrange to play at another Club night (no guarantee of noise levels), at a different chess club or in a public space. Club Championship matches cannot be played online or in private residences.

If one player cannot make the set date and the other player cannot make an alternative date, the player who cannot make the set date will default the match.

Results must be submitted to the Committee by the end of the allotted timeframe – if you are rescheduling your match, let a Committee member know or email it to

Note: If players do not notify their opponent or the Committee that they need to reschedule and do not arrive to play on the set date, their opponent will claim a default win. A default will be called if a player hasn’t arrived after 30 minutes.

If players default on a round and do not contact the Club, we reserve the right to remove them from the Championship.

2023/24 Match Dates

Club Championship night
(7pm start)
Timeframe to play the match
7 November
31 October – 14 November
16 January
9 January – 23 January
6 February
30 January – 13 February
5 March
27 February – 12 March
2 April
26 March – 9 April
30 April
23 April – 7 May

Current Standings

Pairings & Results


If you’ve got any questions, speak to Jordan McNaught (Competitions Manager) at any Club night or email us at