Club Championship

21/22 Club Championship – The Winner Is…

Tiebreak needed to determine champion


Govanhill’s 2021/22 Club Championship concluded in May 2022. The five-round Classical tournament, which uses Swiss pairings to match winners against winners, was a tightly fought contest.

The results follow, and are also available on the Chess Scotland website.

Wellcroft Bowling Club’s Ian, pictured above, made the ceremonial first move on board one in the final round.

The Winner Is…

Congratulations to Rhys McCrosson, who wins on tiebreak after finishing joint first with Aidan Doye.

Rhys and Aidan both finished with an impressive four wins each, but Rhys edged ahead on tiebreaks using the Sonneborn Berger system, which takes opponents’ strength into account.

Alex Radevic finished in third place, one half point behind. 20 players competed in the Championship, the first in the Club’s history, and 11 played all five rounds.

Final Standings

1Rhys McCrosson412.51634
2Aidan Doye4100
3Alex Radevic3.58.251411
4Harvey Dellanzo381356
5Graeme McKinnon350
6Derek Rankine2.54.751272
7Peter Mark2.540
8Libor Masar2.53.50
9Giuseppe Bosco231411
10Julien Papillon231192
11Ethan Small230
12James Todd220
13Jass McNeill120
14Angus Gillies120
15Niall McCamley110
16Alex Lane100
17Harry Thomson100
18Jonny Stark000
19Jegan N’Dow000
20James Higgins000
* The Sonneborn-Berger score is used to determine placings in the event of tied scores.

Round 5 Results

  1. Alex Radevic 1-0 Rhys McCrosson
  2. Harvey Dellanzo 0-1 Aidan Doye
  3. Derek Rankine 0-1 Graeme McKinnon
  4. Peter Mark 1-0 Julien Papillon
  5. Libor Masar 1-0 Jass McNeill
  6. Giuseppe Bosco 1-0 Niall McCamley
  7. Angus Gillies 0-1 Alex Lane (default win)
  8. Jegan N’Dow 0-1 Harry Thomson (default win)

A second Club Championship is planned for the 2022/23 season.

Following a summer break, next season will begin with the first Club meeting on Tuesday 30 August 2022.