AGM (Annual General Meeting)

What’s an AGM?

An AGM (Annual General Meeting) is a chance for Club Members to discuss how the season went, discuss what changes they may wish for the following season, and elect a new Club Committee.

Attending is optional, but taking part means you can vote for who you’d like to run the Club next season, and help shape the Club’s development.

2023/24 AGM details

The 2023/24 AGM took place on Tuesday 28th May at The Bungo starting at 7pm. You can view the 2024 AGM minutes here.


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Committee reports:
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Election of new Committee
  • Discussion/suggestion points from members:
    • Changing Club Championship time control to 60+10
    • Number of rounds in Club Championship – difference between odd vs. even number of rounds
    • Shorter season to align with other clubs
    • Chess tables in the park, sponsored match/tournament

Committee Elections

Every Committee role is up for election annually. We welcome nominations from any Member of the Club and are happy to support anyone joining the Committee for the first time.

If you’d like to see the kind of topics we discuss, visit the Committee page to see our previous meeting minutes.

Details of nomination processes are shared to Club Members in advance of each AGM.

The five Committee roles are:

  • President: Chairing Committee Meetings and AGMs, overseeing the functioning of the Club, and covering for other Committee Members as required.
  • Secretary: The Secretary records the official proceedings of the Club; is the main point of contact for Chess Scotland, league bodies and other clubs; manages Club documents; submits match results to Chess Scotland for official grading; deputises for the President as required; and shares (with President) responsibilities for organising activities.
  • Treasurer: Collecting membership fees, recording financial records, liaising with members and updating the membership database. This role is busiest in September and October when membership fees are due.
  • Competitions Manager: Planning the Club Championship and supporting/managing Team Captains.
  • Communications Manager: Producing content for, and managing oversight of, internal and external communications including website, social media, and Member updates.

Depending on the time of the season, there may be more or less work involved in each role. All roles will require regular contact with the rest of the Committee.

Voluntary Roles

In addition to the Committee, there are volunteer roles available to support the Club. The new Committee will appoint these roles after each AGM, and expressions of interest are invited ahead of, and during, AGMs.

  • Team Captains: Communicating with a group of the Club’s players to confirm availability, selecting match teams and arranging transport if needed; communicating with an opposition captain on fixture dates and venues; resolving any issues during games, and reporting results to league bodies. Captains can delegate duties to a vice-captain when unavailable. The Competitions Manager will support Team Captains throughout the season.
  • Setup Assistants: Help setting up tables, chess boards and clocks (if needed) at the start of each Club night. Not expected to attend every week.
  • Storage Assistants: Help putting our chess materials away at the end of each Club night. Again, there is no obligation to attend every week.
  • Social Media Assistant: Taking occasional photos of Club activity; liaising with the Communications Manager on posting content to our Facebook and Instagram feeds; and sharing duties in responding to any enquiries received on our social media channels.

Previous AGMs