Club Championship

Club Championship – Round 1 – Tue 7 Nov


The 2023/24 Queens Park Chess Club Championship is a six round classical tournament at the 60+5 time control. Please visit our Club Championship page for full details of the format and rules.

Pairings & Results

A live draw for round one was made at the Bungo by Competitions Manager Jordan McNaught during the Club meeting of Tuesday 24 October. The round one pairings and results are as follows.

The standings and results are available on the Chess Scotland website.

1John McKenna16801-0Wull Swales879
2Paul Baran00-1Connor Thompson1659
3Jordan McNaught16301-0Kris Barr0
4Marianne Burns00-1Alistair Ahmed1623
5Craig Thomson15991-0Paul Chapman0
6Andy Chisholm00-1David Logue1597
7Rhys McCrosson15931-0Tom Cox0
8Jack Crawford00-1Tommy Lally1533
9Dabbi Taylor1508*1-0Josh Cummings0
10Greg Forrest00-1Jonny Livingstone1470
11Marc Sheridan14370-1Thomas Fowley0
12Angus Gillies01-0Paul Cumming1398
13Alex Lane13831-0†David Hughes0
14Moray Jones01-0Harvey Dellanzo1381
15Giuseppe Bosco13721-0Moray Lennox0
16Jonny Linney01-0Malcolm Theodoreson1360
17Derek Rankine13290-1Hunter Mackay0
18Scott McCartney00-1Philip Blaber1269
19Julien Papillon12101-0Ryan McGill0
20Ciaran Melvin00-1Caitlin McCulloch1161
21Iain Shields11591-0Thomas Robertson0
22Andrew Speirs01-0Andrew McCulloch1118
23Chris Dinwoodie10630-1Jack Spillane0
24Douglas Veitch01-0Thomas McAleer1026
25Ronnie Martin10230-1Harry McGrory 0
† Default win. All ratings given are Chess Scotland classical except * FIDE rating
All members are participating in this years Club Championship.

Playing Your Game

By default, all games will take place in The Bungo on the designated date for round one: Tuesday 7 November (7pm).

IMPORTANT! If you cannot make this date, you must contact your opponent in advance to make an alternative arrangement.

Games must be played over-the-board, with a clock at the 60+5 time control, on or before 14 November, at the The Bungo (including the Club nights of Tue 31 Oct and Tue 14 Nov), or in another public space.

You can contact your opponent by speaking to them at the Club, by posting in the Club Championship WhatsApp group, or by contacting a Committee Member to request their contact details (we have obtained GDPR consent from members to share details with their opponent for the purpose of rescheduling Club Championship ties if required).

If you do not show up for your game on Tue 7 Nov, and make no attempt to contact your opponent or notify a Committee Member beforehand, you will lose the game by default. Repeat offenders will be removed from the tournament.

Please use the Club Championship Whatsapp group, or email us at, or speak to Jordan or another Committee Member at a Club night, if you have any queries about the Club Championship.