Glasgow League

This page includes information on all our teams that are currently participating in the Glasgow Chess League. Results, fixtures and team player lists are included for each team.

League Information

When it runs: October – April.

Match start time: Between 7.15-7.45pm depending on the opposing team.

Location: Home matches take place in The Bungo. For away matches, we travel to the opposition’s club during their club night (which may not fall on a Tuesday).

How it works: Over the season, each team in a division plays every other opposing team in their respective division once, either at home or away.

Players in a team per match: 6 in Division 2, 4 in Division 3, 4 in Division 4.

Time control: 75 minutes per player for all moves.

How to join: Players are assigned to teams by our Competitions Manager, based on their rating and how often they which to play league games.

Division 2 (Team A)


 Pos  Team  Team Name  P  W  D  L  Pts  W  D  L  W  D  L  Boards  % 
15Bearsden A98011627171000035½66
23Strathclyde Univ970214301481013870
32Queens Park A9621142216160003056
47Glw Montrose9504102214170012954
61Phones B821551992000023½49
79Stepps B72145158181002048
86Bearsden B913551493010019½36
910Paisley B821551392420019½41
104Glw Polytechnic B912641212270031833
  84 37 10 37 84 186 120 186 6 0 6 254  


Oct 04AwayPhones B
Nov 14HomeBearsden B
Nov 28HomeGiffnock
Jan 18AwayGlasgow Montrose
Feb 05AwayStrathclyde
Feb 20HomeBearsden A
Mar 04AwayPaisley B
Mar 14AwayGlasgow Polytechnic B
Mar 26HomeStepps B

Team Players

  • Rhys McCrosson (Captain)
  • David Logue (Vice Captain)
  • Jordan McNaught
  • Craig Thomson
  • Tommy Lally
  • Moray Lennox
  • Giueseppe Bosco
  • Philip Blaber

Division 3 (Team B)


 Pos  Team  Team Name  P  W  D  L  Pts  W  D  L  W  D  L  Boards  % 
15Cathcart B98101722860002672
32Hamilton B9522121871010022½63
410Glasgow University860212195800021½67
59Stepps C73137132130001450
67Queens Park B831471051610013½42
71Bellshill B72145116110001450
83Phones C92074871820113½38
94Glw Polytechnic C902727225002822
108Renfrewshire B91082532610121
  84 37 10 37 84 136 54 136 5 0 5 170  


Oct 17HomeRenfrewshire B
Nov 09AwayStepps C
Nov 21HomeCathcart B
Jan 10AwayPhones C
Jan 23HomeGlasgow Polytechnic C
Feb 20HomeGlasgow University
Feb 27HomeLenzie
Mar 12HomeHamilton B
Apr 22AwayBellshill B

Team Players

  • Thomas McAleer (Captain)
  • Chris Dinwoodie (Vice Captain)
  • Harvey Dellanzo
  • Paul Baran
  • Jonny Livingston
  • Caitlin McCulloch
  • Wull Swales
  • Jack Spillane

Division 4 (Team C)


 Pos  Team  Team Name  P  W  D  L  Pts  W  D  L  W  D  L  Boards  % 
15Cathcart C99001828430013083
24Hamilton C950410136161001747
31Paisley C93248156140011850
43Phones D932481451700016½46
52Queens Park C102357126220001538
66Bearsden C1021751172110015½39
  56 24 8 24 56 93 34 93 2 0 2 112  


Oct 09AwayPaisley C
Oct 31HomeCathcart C
Nov 28HomeBearsden C
Dec 06AwayPhones D
Jan 15AwayCathcart C
Jan 30HomePhones D
Feb 13AwayBearsden C
Feb 27HomePaisley C
Mar 20AwayHamilton C
Apr 09HomeHamilton C

Team Players

  • Ronnie Martin (Captain)
  • Paul Cumming (Vice Captain)
  • Iain Shields
  • Thomas Robertson
  • Andy Chisholm
  • Jack Crawford
  • Ryan McGill
  • Ciaran Melvin
  • Tom Cox
  • Kris Barr