Club Championship 2024-2025

Following the end of the 2023-2024 season the club was consulted on proposed changes to the rules and format of the tournament.

The final rules as consulted and approved by the committee can be found here.

The report on the feedback received and alterations made can be found here.

All members are encouraged to read the Fide Laws of Chess.

The Queens Park Chess Club 2024-2025 Club Championship will run over the full season, starting on the last Tuesday in September 2024.

There are three main changes:

Time control will be 60+10. This means that you will have 60 minutes for all your moves plus a 10 second increment added on from move 1.

The club championship will run for 7 rounds rather than the 6 of last year.

Every player will be entitled to take a 1/2 point bye once during the tournament.


The full schedule for the tournament will be finalised following the scheduling of the Glasgow and Dumbarton Leagues fixtures, however the aspiration is to make the Set Club Night the last Tuesday of every month.

RoundSet Club NightLast day to play the round. (12 days following the Set club Night.)Last day to ask for a bye. (Either half point or a loss)
124th Sept 20246th October 202416th September2024


Upon joining the club you will automatically be entered in to the Club Championship. Entry will be allowed until the pairings are made for round 3.

If you want to join The Club but do not wish to play in the Club Championship, please contact Jordan McNaught (Competitions Manager) or email .