Seasonal Blitz

The Club now hosts 3 Blitz tournaments throughout the year with each tournament taking place once per season – during Autumn, Winter & Spring. These tournaments are only open to current members. All tournaments are principally organized by our Competitions Manager, Jordan McNaught.

Tournament Details

Each tournament follows the same structure and rules. The tournaments are played across 7 rounds with a time control of 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment per move. Games are all ungraded as Chess Scotland does not grade Blitz games. Rules follow the same standards that apply in Allegro matches as outlined by Chess Scotland. The method of tiebreak in use follows a simple play-off. Pairings follow a standard Swiss-pairings format.


Event Name DateWinner
Autumn BlitzOct 31Jonny Livingston
Winter BlitzDec 12Alistair Ahmed
Spring BlitzApr 16Jonny Livingston


Each champion is awarded a small trophy at the end of a tournament. There is a trophy for each season, i.e. Autumn, Winter & Spring. The names of each champion will forever be immortalized in Club history.


If you’ve got any questions, speak to Jordan McNaught (Competitions Manager) at any Club night or email us at