May 2022 Results Round-Up

Club Championship

Govanhill Chess Club’s 2021/22 season concluded in May.

One of various activities was the final round of our inaugural Club Championship, where the final set of eight games resulted in the following final placings:

  1. Rhys McCrosson
  2. Aidan Doye
  3. Alex Radevic

Click here to see the full results and standings.

Friendly vs Cathcart

Our thanks to Alistair Maxwell at Cathcart Chess Club, for organising a home-and-away graded classical friendly.

The first leg, in Govanhill on 17 May, was a one-sided affair, in which the visitors won 4-1. Alex Lane picked up Govanhill’s only point on board four.

Govanhill achieved a win by one point in the return leg on 23 May, with victories for Rhys McCrosson, Graeme McKinnon and Alex Lane, plus a draw by Harvey Dellanzo.

Govanhill Allegro #2

Govanhill’s second graded Allegro tournament, pictured above, took place in a three-round 15+0 format with Swiss pairings on 24 May. The mini-tournament followed the Club’s first formal Allegro event in March.

Congratulations to Strathclyde Uni‘s Zizheng Liu, a regular guest at Govanhill, on winning all three rounds, and the event. The full results were:

Round 1

  1. Rhys McCrosson 0-1 Zizheng Liu
  2. Julien Papillon 1-0 Kieran Brown
  3. Jass McNeill 1-0 Alex Lane

Round 2

  1. Zizheng Liu 1-0 Jass McNeill
  2. Alex Lane 1-0 Derek Rankine
  3. Kieran Brown 0-1 Rhys McCrosson

Round 3

  1. Zizheng Liu 1-0 Julien Papillon
  2. Derek Rankine 0-1 Jass McNeill
  3. Kieran Brown 0-1 Alex Lane


  1. Zizheng Liu (3pts)
  2. Alex Lane (2.5pts)
  3. Jass McNeill (1.5pts)
  4. *Rhys McCrosson (1.5pts)
  5. *Julien Papillon (1.5pts)
  6. *Derek Rankine (0.5pts)
  7. Kieran Brown (0pts)

* Half-point byes were awarded to Derek in round one, Julien in round two, and Rhys in round three

Livingston Allegro

Alex Lane, Derek Rankine and Zizheng Liu played in the internationally rated intermediate section of the six-round Livingston Allegro, a Scottish Chess Tour event, on 15 May in Livingston’s Mercure Hotel.

Zizheng finished in joint third place in a field of over 30, with an impressive score of 4.5 out of 6, while Alex scored 3 points and Derek got 2 points. The players met each other in the tournament, with Zizheng emerging victorious against Alex in round 2, while Alex beat Derek in round 6. The full results are available on the Chess Scotland and FIDE websites.

Govanhill Chess Club’s season finished at the end of May. The club will return in the new season on Tuesday 30 August 2022.


Phones 4 – 4 Govanhill

In the latest of our series of graded friendlies against other local clubs, Govanhill won four and lost four away to Phones Chess Club.

Phones was founded in the 1960s, taking their unusual name from a long-term sponsor relationship with British Telecom. The friendly was played on the evening of Monday 27 April in their base at St. Andrew Bridge Club in Charing Cross. 

The Phones team featured Ayr Major winner Peter Clarke on board two, and Govanhill performed well to get wins on boards one, three, six and seven. The home team played with white on odd boards. The full results are:

1Guy Lyons17480-1Rhys McCrosson0
2Peter Clarke16111-0James Todd0
3Colin Paterson15180-1Alex Radevic1359
4Aditya Srivastava6541-0Graeme McKinnon0
5Kieran Rafferty01-0Derek Rankine0
6Iain Shields00-1Alex Lane0
7James McGlaughlin00-1Julien Papillon1202
8Clive Boothby01-0Jass McNeill0

The results have been graded by Chess Scotland. Our thanks to John McIntyre and Colin Paterson at Phones for organising and hosting.

Govanhill look forward to playing south Glasgow neighbours Cathcart for our last friendly of the 2021/22 season. The home game is scheduled for Tue 17 May in Wellcroft Bowling Club, and the away game will be in Cathcart’s venue, Park Church in Giffnock, on Mon 23 May.

Pictured above: Govanhill’s Alex Lane (left) and Alex Radevic (right) playing a pre-game warm-up in St Andrew Bridge Club.


Nat. League & Friendly Results

Scottish National Online Chess League R4

Govanhill won their first game in the final round of the Scottish National Online Chess League, a 3-2 victory against Lenzie 2.

The games were played at the 25+10 rapid time control on, with the scores as follows:

BoardGovanhillScoreLenzie 2
1Faidon Filipsson (w)1-0Angelo Lynn (b)
2Julien Papillon (b)1-0Chrysa Mitraka (w)
3Derek Rankine (w)0-1Humam Al Dakl Alla (b)
4Jass McNeill (b)0-1Yashwardhan Shankar (w)
5Niall McCamley (w)1-0Tavish Railwani (b)

On the back of a run of defeats, the result unfortunately wasn’t enough to prevent Govanhill finishing bottom of Division Four. Congratulations to Division winners East Kilbride, who achieved promotion.

The fixtures and standings are available on the league website.

Home Leg: Friendly vs Bearsden

Govanhill suffered a 6-2 defeat at home to Bearsden on 29 March, in the latest of our series of graded friendlies.

While the away leg on 1 March saw Govanhill take a narrow win, Bearsden took revenge with wins on five of the eight boards. James Todd scored Govanhill’s only win on board six, while Rhys (board two) and Giuseppe (board five) achieved draws.

The full results are available on the Chess Scotland website.

Away Leg: Friendly vs Strathclyde

The club also scored a 3.5-1.5 defeat away to Strathclyde University, in a game played on 4 April (pictured above is board three, Zizheng-Harvey).

Rhys, Derek and Harvey lost to strong opponents on boards 1-3, while Giuseppe drew on board four, and Alex Lane, in his first game for the club, scored a win on board five.

Credit to our opponents for winning home and away, following a first leg on 28 February. The results have been published by Chess Scotland.


Results vs Strathclyde Uni, Bearsden

Chess Scotland have published results from two recent friendly matches with other clubs.

On 21 February, Govanhill hosted a team of four from Strathclyde University Chess Society. In a close battle with some prolonged endgames, the visitors won 2.5 to 1.5. The second leg will take place at the University on Monday 4 April.

On 1 March, Govanhill took a team of nine to Bearsden Chess Club. With the teams closely matched in rating strength, this was also a highly competitive fixture, which Govanhill edged out 5-4. A return match will take place in Govanhill on Monday 28 March.

Click on the links below for a breakdown of the results:

Results – Govanhill vs Strathclyde Uni

Results – Bearsden vs Govanhill

Our thanks to Strathclyde University and Bearsden. In both friendlies, most of the participants were ungraded and relatively new to competitive chess, indicating the healthy growth of chess in Glasgow.

Photo: ‘Your Own Worst Enemy’ by Garen M. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.


Teams for Bearsden Friendly & SNOCL R3

It’s another busy period for Govanhill Chess Club, with three team events taking place over late February to mid-March 2022, plus a group coaching session with AGM Nicolas Skettos (Mon 7 Mar), and the third round of the Club Championship (Mon 14 March).

Govanhill’s line-up for upcoming events follow.

Scottish National Online Chess League – 20 Feb

In the third round of SNOCL Division Four, Govanhill will be facing East Kilbride.

Govanhill’s line-up for the games, which will be played on at the 25+10 time control at 2pm on Sun 20 Feb, is as follows:

  1. Faidon Filipsson (black)
  2. Rhys McCrosson (white)
  3. Graeme McKinnon (black)
  4. Alex Radevic (white)
  5. Harvey Dellanzo (black)

Results and standings will be published on the Scottish Online Chess Organisation website.

Friendly: Bearsden vs Govanhill – 1 Mar

Following our home-and-away eight board friendly with Bearsden Chess Club last year, both clubs have agreed to a rematch.

The first leg takes place in Cairns Church, Milngavie on the evening of Tue 1 March, with a 60+0 time control. The teams are as follows (Govanhill players highlighted in bold):

  1. Robert Dunn (white) vs Rhys McCrosson (black)
  2. Graeme McKinnon (white) vs Peter MacDonald (black)
  3. Christopher Nield (white) vs Julien Papillon (black)
  4. Ethan Small (white) vs Dominic Quinn (black)
  5. Chris Cotton (white) vs Alex Radevic (black)
  6. Derek Rankine (white) vs Callum McCue (black)
  7. Dominik Jargielo (white) vs Jegan N’Dow (black)
  8. Libor Masar (white) vs Andrew MacLellan (black)
  9. Mel Burt (white) vs James Todd (black)

This will be followed by a home leg at the end of March. All games will be graded by Chess Scotland.

Derek Rankine, Secretary, is the contact for any questions around these events: