Phones 4 – 4 Govanhill

In the latest of our series of graded friendlies against other local clubs, Govanhill won four and lost four away to Phones Chess Club.

Phones was founded in the 1960s, taking their unusual name from a long-term sponsor relationship with British Telecom. The friendly was played on the evening of Monday 27 April in their base at St. Andrew Bridge Club in Charing Cross. 

The Phones team featured Ayr Major winner Peter Clarke on board two, and Govanhill performed well to get wins on boards one, three, six and seven. The home team played with white on odd boards. The full results are:

1Guy Lyons17480-1Rhys McCrosson0
2Peter Clarke16111-0James Todd0
3Colin Paterson15180-1Alex Radevic1359
4Aditya Srivastava6541-0Graeme McKinnon0
5Kieran Rafferty01-0Derek Rankine0
6Iain Shields00-1Alex Lane0
7James McGlaughlin00-1Julien Papillon1202
8Clive Boothby01-0Jass McNeill0

The results have been graded by Chess Scotland. Our thanks to John McIntyre and Colin Paterson at Phones for organising and hosting.

Govanhill look forward to playing south Glasgow neighbours Cathcart for our last friendly of the 2021/22 season. The home game is scheduled for Tue 17 May in Wellcroft Bowling Club, and the away game will be in Cathcart’s venue, Park Church in Giffnock, on Mon 23 May.

Pictured above: Govanhill’s Alex Lane (left) and Alex Radevic (right) playing a pre-game warm-up in St Andrew Bridge Club.