Club Meetings

Interactive Workshop – 21 March

Middlegame strategy & general improvement

One of Glasgow’s strongest players, Bearsden’s Rob Colston, pictured above, will visit Queens Park on the evening of Tuesday 21 March to share his wisdom and experience in a special interactive workshop.

The focus of the workshop will be twofold: on middlegame planning, and on how intermediate players can achieve steady improvement. With a number of Queens Park players reporting the middlegame as a particular challenge, and being stuck on a rating plateau, we hope the session will provide a valuable source of learning in two key developmental areas.

The session will begin at 7pm and feature a selection of games from Rob’s career. Rob’s FIDE ratings are 1874 classical, 1992 rapid and 1944 blitz. He is also rated 1916 classical with Chess Scotland.

Rob’s career titles include Staffordshire under-18 champion (“in 19… well a long time ago!”), five time champion of London’s Hampstead Chess Club, and three time champion of Bearsden Chess Club (one shared). Representing Hampstead in the prestigious London Chess League, Rob played alongside some incredible talents, including 10 times British Champion GM Jonathan Penrose, three times British Champion GM Jon Speelman, the former world no.4 GM Mickey Adams, and the second Grandmaster in English history, GM Raymond Keene.

Rob has beaten a number of GMs and IMs in tournaments and league games, and we are delighted he has agreed to share his knowledge and experience. Notably, Rob is not taking a fee for his time; Bearsden Chess Club is a kind and generous friend to Queens Park.

Bearsden's Mel Burt donating chess materials to Queens Park's Julien Papillon
Bearsden’s Mel Burt (left) donated materials to Queens Park founder Julien Papillon in early 2019

The relationship dates back to our formation in 2019, when Bearsden donated chess sets and other materials to help Queens Park, then known as Govanhill Chess Club, get up and running. Since then, Bearsden have invited Queens Park players to take part in their online grand prix, graded friendlies, and simultaneous matches, and their Committee Members also provide regular advice to the Club Secretary.

There is no need to sign up in advance. Those visiting the Club on Tuesday 21st will have the option of joining the workshop at 7pm, or playing some casual games.