Strong Performances vs GM Jacob Aagaard

Two surprise draws achieved in a special simul

This month, we joined our friends in Bearsden Chess Club for a special joint simultaneous exhibition with the renowned Danish GM Jacob Aagaard.

Govanhill took nine players to the event, including two friends from the Strathclyde University team, all pictured above with GM Aagaard. The venue was Bearsden’s home in Cairns Church in Milngavie.

Prizes were awarded to Govanhill’s Derek Rankine and Strathclyde’s Zizheng Liu, who both achieved strong positions and were rewarded with a draw. In addition, Govanhill’s Harvey Dellanzo was praised for his dynamic, enterprising play, and several Govanhill players were among the final games to conclude, in a strong field of almost 30 players.  

Our sincere thanks to GM Aagaard for the opportunity, and to Rob Colston and Mel Burt of Bearsden Chess Club for their efforts in a highly well-organised, welcoming and enjoyable event.

An event report is available on the Bearsden Chess Club website.

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