Club Championship

Club Championship Endgame

A note on the final round

With round five of the Club Championship just concluded, we are gearing up for arrangements for the final round.

The draw for the sixth and final round, will be made by Committee Member Jordan McNaught at the Bungo on Tue 16 April. The designated date is Tue 30 April, and the final date for all games to be played is Tue 7 May. We will share the draw by email and WhatsApp next week.

As most members were unable to play their round five game on the designated date, we are sharing two notes:

Withdrawing from Tournament

We know some members have particularly busy schedules at present, which may include work/family commitments, travel plans, health appointments and/or exams.

If you are not confident you will be able to find the time for your round six match, or if you no longer wish to take part in the tournament for any reason, you may choose to withdraw from the Club Championship at this stage.

There will be no penalty for withdrawing. Players who take this up, will simply not go into the round six draw, and won’t earn any points for that round.

Please notify us by email ( or WhatsApp before 6pm on Tuesday 16 April if you wish to withdraw.

If we do not hear from you before 6pm on Tuesday, we will assume you are willing and able to play your round six game, and you will be paired with an opponent.

Playing Outside the Club

A number of round five games were played outwith the Bungo. To support flexibility, we allow this, but ask that all players note the following:

  • We encourage playing Club Championship games in the Bungo wherever possible. The Committee can set up the playing space, control the environment for noise and distractions, and act as arbiters in case of disputes – this isn’t possible elsewhere.
  • Games must be played over-the-board in another chess club or an alternative public space; not in a private residence, or online.
  • Players must use an incremental clock at the 60+5 time control, and record their moves on scoresheets (when a player’s time drops below 5mins, this player can stop recording their moves). You may collect these materials from the Bungo ahead of games played elsewhere, and return the clock afterwards.
  • Players who wish to play on a Thursday night with our sister group in The Corona Bar in Shawlands, are asked to request permission in advance, via the Thursday Group Coordinator, Marianne Burns (, 07892 415 604).
  • The result of any game played outside the Bungo is to be communicated to a Committee Member, or posted in the Club Championship WhatsApp Group, by no later than 7 May.

We are grateful to all Members for taking part in this season’s tournament.

For any questions on the above, or any other aspect of the tournament, please contact the Committee.