Club Championship

Beltrami Club Championship – Round 5

The final two face off for the title

After months of work and preparation, two players are battling it out for the ultimate chess crown. The world watches on in anticipation to see who will emerge from the chaos victorious. Will it end in a measured position or a frantic time scramble? And will the crowd of spectators ever stop wincing after every move they’re not sure about?

You guessed it: it’s Round 5 of the Beltrami Club Championship.

Rhys McCrosson and Craig Thomson, both on perfect scores of 4/4, will face off in the final round of the tournament. If the game ends in a draw, the Sonneborn-Berger score will be used to decide the champion.

However, it’s not all about the top boards – we’ll all be doing our best to close our tournament campaign with a victory.

Round 5 will take place on Tuesday 9th May at the Bungo at 6.45pm.

If you need a reminder on how the tournament works, you can find the details on our Club Championship page.


If you need to rearrange your match, please contact the Committee in person at a Club night or by email. If you do not arrive for your match without giving us notice, your opponent will claim a default win.

You can arrange to play against your opponent on a different date or in a different venue, but it must be an over the board match with the same time control (60 minutes each).

Standings after Round 4

1Craig Thomson159149
2Rhys McCrosson158348.5
3Connor Thompson166637
4Tommy Lally159037
5Philip Blaber126036.5
6Alistair Ahmed161736
7Harvey Dellanzo137735.5
8Chris Dinwoodie103735.5
9Ash Angappan12902.54.25
10Douglas Veitch02.53.5
11Giuseppe Bosco13962.52.75
12Moray Lennox02.52.75
13Alex Lane139024.75
14Michael Mathieson024.5
15Stewart Gray145623
16Rhys Brown023
17Aidan Doye023
18Thomas Fowley023
19Derek Rankine133122.5
20Graeme McKinnon136922.5
21Sagar Kukreja124022.5
22Paul Cumming142722.5
23Jordan McNaught153622.5
24Iain Shields114922
25David Logue157922
26Ryan McGill01.52.75
27Caitlin McCulloch11381.51.5
28Jonny Linney012
29Ronnie Martin62512
30Paul Stewart012
31Andy Chisholm012
32Gemma Dickson011.5
33Gary Collins011.5
34Andrew Speirs011
35Greg Forrest011
36Thomas McAleer010.5
37Riccardo Olivier010
38Wull Swales000
39Sachin Vats000
40Ethan Small000
41Jackie Logan000
42Harry Thomson000
43Jass McNeill119600
44Paul Chapman000
45James Carson000
* The Sonneborn-Berger score is used to separate tied players

Round 5 pairings

Match date: Tuesday 9th May, 6.45pm start – The Bungo

BoardWhiteRating Score BlackRating
1Rhys McCrosson15831-0Craig Thomson1591
2Connor Thompson16661-0Tommy Lally1590
3Harvey Dellanzo13771-0Philip Blaber1260
4Alistair Ahmed16171-0Chris Dinwoodie1037
5Douglas Veitch01-0Giuseppe Bosco1396
6Ash Angappan12900-1Moray Lennox0
7Paul Cumming14270.5-0.5Michael Mathieson0
8Sagar Kukreja1240 0-1Graeme McKinnon1369
9Stewart Gray14560-1*Alex Lane1390
10Iain Shields11490-1David Logue1579
11Aidan Doye00-1*Rhys Brown0
12Thomas Fowley00-1Jordan McNaught1536
13Andrew Speirs00.5-0.5Caitlin McCulloch1138
14Ryan McGill00-1Greg Forrest0
15Jonny Linney01-0Ronnie Martin625
16Thomas McAleer01-0Wull Swales0
17Gemma Dickson00-1Andy Chisholm0
18Jass McNeill11960-1*Gary Collins0
Harry Thomson0*1-0bye
* Default win