Results – Govanhill Allegro #1

Giuseppe wins by half a point.


On Monday 21 March, Govanhill held a small graded Allegro tournament for its members: a three round Swiss format event at the 15+0 time control.

The results and standings, which have also been published by Chess Scotland, follow. Congratulations to new member Guiseppe Bosco on his victory!

The club intends to hold other Allegro tournaments in future, including a collaboration with two other clubs. Keep an eye on the website for details.

Round 1

  1. Julien Papillon 0-1 Derek Rankine
  2. Giuseppe Bosco 1-0 Jass McNeill
  3. Harvey Dellanzo 1-0 Alex Lane

Round 2

  1. Derek Rankine 0.5-0.5 Giuseppe Bosco
  2. Jass McNeill 1-0 Harvey Dellanzo
  3. Alex Lane 1-0 Julien Papillon

Round 3

  1. Harvey Dellanzo 1-0 Derek Rankine
  2. Giuseppe Bosco 1-0 Alex Lane
  3. Julien Papillon 1-0 Jass McNeill


1Giuseppe Bosco2.52.751416
2Harvey Dellanzo22.51338
3Derek Rankine1.52.251016
4Jass McNeill120
5Alex Lane110
6Julien Papillon111202

* Sonneborn-Berger tie break score

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