Queens Park 5th Anniversary Allegro

Details of the members-only Queens Park allegro tournament on 12th May 2024.

In 2019, a small group of players gathered to form our Club, formally known as Govanhill Chess Club. It wasn’t long until the COVID-19 pandemic appeared and the Club had to close its doors.

In 2021, the Club re-emerged and adopted the Wellcroft Bowling Club as our venue. The following year, the Club Committee had expanded in numbers and the decision was taken to rename the Club to Queens Park Chess Club, a reincarnation of an older chess club of the same name that came to an end in 1936. With our membership numbers growing rapidly, a decision was made to relocate to our current venue – The Bungo. At the start of 2023, membership numbers continued to exceed expectations, leading to a cap at an incredible 55 members!

With the end of the 2023-2024 season drawing near, the Club has decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary as a Club by hosting a members-only Allegro tournament. We encourage all members to participate!

Tournament Details


The Allegro will take place on Sunday 12th May 2024 at the Bungo.

The event will run from 12pm-7pm.

Entry Cost and Eligibility

The Allegro is members-only and is free to enter.

Tournament Structure

The time control is 20+10 (20 minutes per player, 10 second increment per move). There will be five rounds.

The Allegro will be Chess Scotland rated. Jordan will be managing matters on the day.


£250 will be awarded across four different prizes:

  • 1st place – £100.
  • 2nd place – £50.
  • Intermediate Grading Prize – £50 (Grading Boundary TBC – decided closer to the time based on entrants).
  • Unrated Grading Prize – £50.

Prizes will be shared equally amongst winners in the event of tied scores. Players will not be eligible for more than one prize.

How To Enter

New entrants (members-only) can enter by contacting the committee directly, either by email or through WhatsApp.

Entrants List

Last updated: 12 May

Total: 22

  • Alistair Ahmed
  • Giuseppe Bosco
  • João Carrapico
  • Andy Chisholm
  • Jack Crawford
  • Paul Cumming
  • Chris Dinwoodie
  • Greg Forrest
  • Thomas Fowley
  • Jack Gallagher
  • David Hughes
  • Alex Lane
  • Moray Lennox
  • Jonny Linney
  • David Logue
  • Ryan McGill
  • Harry McGrory
  • Ciaran Melvin
  • Iain Shields
  • Andrew Speirs
  • Jack Spillane
  • Connor Thompson


Feel free to contact the committee with any questions.